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HTB Bungee Cords has a large vareity of Hooked Bungee Cords to Adjustable Tie-Downs. Bulk Bungee Cord by foot and hardware supplies. Heavy Duty Bungee Cords, Mini Bungee Cords, Bungee Cord Tie downs, Cargo Tie Downs, Adjustable Hooked Bungee Cords and More!

Holding your gear down has never been easier, now with a new style of adjustable bungee cords. Adjustable bungee cords (Tie-downs) come in a wide variety of style and sizes. Quick release slide lock is what makes using these tie-downs a snap!

The On-Line Catalog has the whole product line with images and prices. From straight hook bungee cords and adjustable hook bungee cords. HTB also offers a variety of adjustable tie-downs in different styles and lengths? Do you need bungee cord by the foot or do you need couple hundred feet? A variety of hardware is available as well!

Take a look at the pictures and you will see how easy the adjustable bungee cords work.

Pull & Slide system reduces snap back by relieving tension on the bungee cord. Slide lock system is the key! With quick release slide lock the Hold-Tite Bands (adjustable tie-downs) has 100`s of applications.

You can see some of the applications right here and you can see more looking through the web site. From picnic tables to trash can liners to utility racks to general tie-downs needs and so much MORE!

Some of the HTB Bungee Cords are designed without hooks to avoid scratching chrome and painted surfaces. Adding even more versatility to this new style of bungee cord Tie-downs.

Custom made bungee cords are available, just contact me by E-mail or telephone.

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