HTB Bungee Cords

Architectural Print Tie-downs!

One of the best architect supplies is the SL Style Tie-Downs for your architectural prints. Now along with your other architect supplies you can now use your rubber bands for something else instead of using them to hold your prints together.


Tried of having rolling a rubber band up and down a rolled up set of prints? Tried of your print getting cut up and ripped by rubber bands? Now you can easily keep your rolls of prints together with easy to use adjustable bungee cords! The Hold-Tite Band.

I been sell these tie-downs for sometime now and I have some friends that are in the construction field and they said that these tie-downs would work good for architectural prints? And they were right! I gave them some to use and everyone likes them because they can put them on without any damage the prints! Easy on and off!

Check out these pictures and you will see how easy these tie-downs can be used on architectural prints. Whatever the size print you have? HTB Bungee Cords has the variety of lengths to fill your needs?


With a whole line of adjustable bungee cord tie-downs offered by HTB. You may find other tie-downs to be helpful to you in the field? With one of the largest varierty of adjustable bungee cord tie-downs available, you should have no trouble finding some to work on a dratfing table, work bench, and even a table? Why? You could easily hold a set of prints down on a table on windy day.

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